What is LifeTime Discount Guarantee?

We are the ONLY hosting company that offers you a price guarantee for any future account renewals. We guarantee that your renewal price will be the same or less when purchasing products protected by our "LifeTime Discount Guarantee".

How is that different than the competitors?

Don't fall for the high discount bargains which are offered by most hosting providers. Read the fine print and note that the initial discounted price is usually 2 to 4 times (that's 400%) lower than the standard price at which you will be FORCED to renew! Our competitors are hoping that you will not want to move away to another provider once you setup your site and start getting traffic and clients; thus you become a “prisoner” of your current host.

Sample comparison based on the current prices & specials offered by us, and our competitors:

Package Special Price Renewal Price
MochaHost SoHo (Linux) $1.95/mo $1.95/mo
Competitor 1 Cheapest Package $3.96/mo $4.79/mo You pay about 2.4 times more
for similar product!
Competitor 2 Cheapest Package $4.99/mo $6.99/mo You pay about 3.5 times more
for similar product!

Which packages are covered by the LifeTime Discount Guarantee®?

The following packages are currently protected by our price guarantee:

? Can I upgrade to a package protected by LifeTime Discount Guarantee®?
You can try our great service by signing up for a month or any other billing cycle and then upgrade at any time to one of our packages protected by our price guarantee and take full advantage of the package specials. Your fees and remaining balance will be pro-rated accordingly

To upgrade please complete our upgrade form
? What if I currently have one of the packages protected by LifeTime Discount Guarantee®?
You can update your package with the LifeTime Discount Guarantee® by filling out our upgrade form. The package will be updated with the new package pricing and guarantee.