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We currently don't have a way to automatically change the operating system from Linux to Windows or vice verse on any of the hosting accounts we offer. There are also very limited options for any automatic data migration between Linux, and Windows hosting control panels.

Due to the nature of these limitations, anyone interested in changing their account type from Linux to Windows will need to first Sign Up for a brand new hosting account and transfer any website data from the old hosting account to the new account. Unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance at this time for these type of migrations, and account type switch requests.

Once you setup your new account, and transfer your data we recommend that you confirm that everything works properly with your new account, and that you also have backup of your previous account data.

When ready, you can request your old account (that you confirm that you no longer need) to be canceled, which you can do by using the form at: (Please, select for reason "OS Change")

When canceling the account that you no longer need, we will either:

  1. Refund the remaining of any unused fees for accounts purchased less than 60 days ago or last payment made towards an account that are less than 60 days old

  2. If your last payment for your account that you are canceling is more than 60 days old, we will add the remaining of the account balance as a credit towards your account.

Credit/Refund/Cancellations requests are processed by our Billing department through normal business hours:

Sunday-Monday, 6:00am UTC to 9:00pm UTC.