To provide you with the fastest access time, reliability, and disaster recovery, we use some of the most advanced datacenters in the USA - in Chicago, Illinois

Enterprise Data Centers Overview:

SAS 70 Type II certified data centers

  • Multiple data centers in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • 485,000 sq. ft of space (221k sq.ft. raised floor space)
  • 18.2 MW Critical Load

N+2 Redundancy

  • UPS powered by 32 Rotary Power Systems (1,300kW output each)
  • Backup Power Generators: 32 diesel powered engine generators (2,250kW capacity each)
  • Fuel Tanks - 3 days of diesel fuel on-site (4 tanks, 50,000 gallons)

Monitoring and processes assure availability

  • Weekly generator tests to validate operations and procedures
  • Global network operations center and local monitoring of power, HVAC and physical security

World-Class Network Overview:

By using multiple (7) Tier 1 telecom providers including AT&T, NTT and AboveNet, along with numerous private peering arrangements, we provide more than 250 Gbps of transit and peering capacity. With network Points of Presences (POPs) in our data center in Chicago along with dedicated POPs in Virginia and California, the data center provides global reach and lower latency by removing network bottlenecks for your hosted servers.

Key Features: