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Private JVM Tomcat/JSP hosting plans - Overview

Private JVM Advantages & Benefits

There are many advantages of using a Private JVM vs Shared JVM and some of the most important are:

  1. Private JVMs are more stable and secure since only your application is utilizing the allocated heap memory/virtual space + nobody but you can restart the private instance at any given time which makes them ideal for more complex/higher traffic sites

  2. Private JVMs offer better compatibility and are more secure for more complex frameworks such as Hiberenate and JSF

  3. You can control the behavior of the Tomcat instance 100% including modifying the server.xml, setting up different contexts and resources such as JNDI

  4. You can use the built in Tomcat Manager application and load or re-load your WAR files instantly

  5. You can host unlimited JSP sites and applications within the same JVM

  6. Throughout our NGASI management interface you can select the desired JDK/Tomcat version which includes:

Tomcat versions: 8.0.x, 7.0.x, 6.0.x, 5.5.x
JDK versions: 1.8.0_x, 1.7.0_x, 1.6.0_x, 1.5.0_x

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JSP & Servlet Operation

cPanel (with the mod_jk module) has JSP and servlet functionality enabled on the Apache Web server. The Tomcat engine executes JSP and servlets. Once Tomcat is enabled for a site, cPanel instructs the Web server to send certain requests to Tomcat for processing. Tomcat requires an execution environment known as context, to be set up before it can execute JSP's and servlets properly.

A context is a directory structure on the server from which Tomcat can execute servlets and JSPs. With our private JVMs you can set multiple contexts directly by editing the Tomcat configuration files. You can also setup multiple JSP/Servlet mappings directly through our web based Tomcat interface (NGASI).

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Deploying JSPs & Servlets / WAR

Deploying JSPs and servlets on the cPanel is as easy as uploading a Web site using any FTP client. When Tomcat hosting is enabled for a site using our NGASI interface, NGASI installs a brand new Tomcat instance which is completely independent from any other system resources and can be manipulated either through NGASI web interface or directly from FTP/cPanel interface.

WAR files can be uploaded directly through FTP or through the default Tomcat Manager application which is dedicated only for your private JVM instance.

For more information, please visit the official Tomcat site at:

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