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What is LifeTime Discount Guarantee?

We are the ONLY hosting company that offers you a price guarantee for any future account renewals. We guarantee that your renewal price will be the same or less when purchasing products protected by our "LifeTime Discount Guarantee".

How is that different than the competitors?

Don't fall for the high discount bargains which are offered by most hosting providers. Read the fine print and note that the initial discounted price is usually 3 to 4 times (that's 400%) lower than the standard price at which you will be FORCED to renew!

Our competitors are hoping that you will not want to move away to another provider once you setup your site and start getting traffic and clients; thus you become a “prisoner” of your current host.

If you are already paying too much to your current host, or asked to renew for a higher price, don't worry - we can help! We offer free migration assistance for most of our popular packages, and can help with your domain transfer as well!

Sample comparison based on the current prices & specials offered by us, and our competitors:

Package Special Price Renewal Price
MochaHost SoHo (Linux) $1.95/mo $1.95/mo
Competitor 1 Cheapest Package $3.95/mo $6.95/mo You pay about 3.5 times more
for similar product!
Competitor 2 Cheapest Package $3.99/mo $7.99/mo You pay about 4 times more
for similar product!

Which packages are covered by the LifeTime Discount Guarantee®?

The following packages are currently protected by our price guarantee:

? Can I upgrade to a package protected by LifeTime Discount Guarantee®?
You can try our great service by signing up for a month or any other billing cycle and then upgrade at any time to one of our packages protected by our price guarantee and take full advantage of the package specials. Your fees and remaining balance will be pro-rated accordingly

To upgrade please complete our upgrade form
? What if I currently have one of the packages protected by LifeTime Discount Guarantee®?
You can update your package with the LifeTime Discount Guarantee® by filling out our upgrade form. The package will be updated with the new package pricing and guarantee.


Easy Of Use

Our Mocha Optimized - WordPress edition is easy to install & setup in seconds. Within couple of clicks, using our intuitive web based control panel, and with absolutely no technical knowledge you can get yourself a nice looking website or a fancy blog hosted under your own domain name.

You can also benefit from other free applications like Joomla or Drupal, which can be installed as a complimentary apps to your WordPress package.


All of our WordPress packages "live" in our state of the art Cloud Platform - built with speed & reliability in mind. From guaranteed dedicated resources for your WordPress, to our enterprise level storage servers, and high speed network with 100% uptime SLA.

In addition our WP packages are optimized for fast load times, and lower latency, which ultimately improves your Google ® search ranking, since speed its critical for your overall website SEO effort.


Our Mocha Optimized WP edition, includes by default several security enhancements which will keep your blog safe from malicious activities, and spam. We did the leg work for you, and have packaged extra plugins to help you deal with comments spam, brute force attacks, and other WP related threats.

Our Cloud Platform includes additional application security features, such as application firewall, and advanced cloud security file system.


You can easily customize the look & feel of your WP by selecting one of the thousands free themes available, right from your WP control panel. Pick a business category, optimize for mobile viewing, or even select from premium templates available through 3rd party vendors.

In addition to your site theme, you can customize easily the appearance of the different web pages, and blog post layouts, without any technical knowledge.

Updates & Backup

We reduce your total cost of ownership, and time required for managing your WordPress, by utilizing the latest WordPress version (4.x) and by default enabling automatic WP core updates – saving your time from constant need to update your WP.

Online backup tool, allowing you to schedule automatic backups to 3rd party cloud based systems as well as take local & FTP backups is also available with all of our WP packages by default.

Top Features:

  • One-click Installation
  • Automatic Updates (Core)
  • Multi WP Sites Management Dashboard
  • 1000s of Themes & Plugins
  • Free Domain Name
  • $100 Google AdWords Credit
  • Improved Security & Usability
  • Temporary Website Address
  • High Performance & Dedicated Resources
  • Cutting Edge Cloud Platform
  • Online Backup
  • CDN Support

How do we compare?


Deluxe Plan


Business Plan


Baby Plan
Monthly price special offer $4.99 $2.45 $5.95
Monthly renewal price $10.99 $2.45 $9.95
Free Private SSL - -
Free Domain Name first year ONLY LifeTime Free Domain -
Free Scripts Available 125+ 180+ 52
MySQL DB Size 25 x 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited
SSD Technology ? Enterprise Storage
SSD Boosted
24x7 LiveChat Support -
Migration Assistance $100 Free Free

All prices (USD), features, and plans listed were taken from the public sites of the companies above as were available on June 12th, 2017. Prices, and features may change without a notice. All company names are trandemarks of their respective owners.