MochaHost, through Established Merchants, is proud to offer access to the highest quality Credit Card Processing & Payment solutions. We provide Interchange-Plus merchant accounts with no monthly fees of any kind, for successful businesses processing over $250,000 annually* in Visa and MasterCard sales.

Offer available only through our Mocha shared plan & all reseller/dedicated plans!

There are over 270 Interchange categories, or discount rates, that are set by MasterCard© and Visa©. Most processors 'simplify' the complexity of Interchange, the actual cost of a transaction, by bundling merchant's Visa/MasterCard rates into three tier billing of Qualified/Mid Qualified/Non Qualified. The fact is that while this is simpler, it also means many merchants pay more than they should for most types of credit and debit cards.

We GUARANTEE we can save you money compared to your existing merchant account*, or we will send you a $500 American Express Gift Card!

We don't want to be your first processor, we want to be your last processor!

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** This offer is available only for USA/Canada. Minimum $250,000 per year of Visa/MasterCard sales required. Guarantee and payment will be through Established Merchants