Business Verified Seal

The Trust Guard Business Verified Seal is the fastest, most effective way to let your customers know that you are who you say you are. By displaying the Business Verified seal, your customers instantly know that your business information has been verified by Trust Guard. If the customer wants to find out how to contact you, they can either drag their mouse over the seal for instant confirmation, or they can click on the seal for a more detailed description of the verification process.

To Qualify for this seal you will need

Privacy Verified Seal

In order to qualify for the Trust Guard Privacy Verified seal, your privacy policy must include three core statements, which directly address:

3rd Party Disclosure - This statement informs the customer of what information you plan on disclosing to 3rd parties.

Private Information Security - This statement addresses what you do with a customers private information (IE. credit cards, social security numbers, etc.) after an order is placed.

Email Usage - This statement refers to the type of email notifications you plan on sending your customers after an order is placed.

As soon as you complete your Trust Guard order, Trust Guard assists you in refining and adjusting these areas of your policy to meet our requirements.

PLUS - As an added bonus, all Trust Guard members receive Free, Unlimited Access to our Professional Privacy Policy Creator (a $97 value), which gives you the ability to create high quality, user-friendly privacy policies in just minutes!

To Qualify for this seal you will need

Security Verified Seal

Our Security Verified Seal verifies the security of your website as it pertains to your SSL certificate and customer security. To become Security Verified, we verify your SSL certificate provider, monitor your certificates expiration date, and test your shopping cart pages to ensure that they're secure.

To Qualify for this seal you will need

Certified Seal

The Trust Guard Certified Seal is premium all-purpose seal that combines the Business Verified, Privacy Verified, and Security Verified seal verification (above).

To Qualify for this seal you will need